Element Building Projects
Element Building Projects
03:48 04 Sep 19
We have worked with Sarah and her team at Sydney Webwise for several years and keep coming back to them because they are simply amazing! Sarah really gets us. She is super patient, extremely responsive, really pleasant to deal with and she genuinely cares about producing a great result for us. We've worked on creating and improving numerous websites and digital and other marketing material with Sarah and her team, and we highly recommend Sydney Webwise if you are looking for someone to deliver results with a unique and personal approach. Her team will give you honest and genuine advice that aligns with effective and creative web & digital marketing strategies. Thanks Sydney Webwise!read more
Illetes Swim
Illetes Swim
03:53 30 Aug 19
Would highly recommend the Webwise team for their dedication and support whilst launching our website and online shop. Could not thank them enough for all the hard work they put in for us. They give after support too so you are not left after without assistance, very professional and committed team, Wish you all the best and hopefully work together soon again :)read more
Lee Lucas
Lee Lucas
00:07 15 Aug 19
Have worked with Sarah for almost 10 years and can not recommend her enough. Sarah has some awesome ideas and the ability to make you look elite! Her portfolio of clients shows. High class professionalism!read more
Naomi Brand
Naomi Brand
00:39 12 Mar 19
Sarah at Webwise is amazing at what she does! I would recommend her to anyone looking to create amazing websites! Her knowledge, expertise and thinking outside the box is second to none.read more
Ben De Jonk
Ben De Jonk
08:56 24 Oct 18
I have dealt with Sarah now for all my hosting and website requirements for the last few years and she has always delivered great ideas and designed fantastic websites. I know the most difficult thing with my business is I am so busy and don’t have time to do the research. With Sarah I gave her my ideas verbally and some competitors in the area and she did the rest coming up with a great modern designed website. I would have no hesitation in recommending webwise for anyone looking for a great modern and affordable website. Keep up the good work!!read more
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Content Marketing and how it helps your business

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05 Feb Content Marketing and how it helps your business

Content Marketing means creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. The type of content you share is closely related to what you sell; in other words, you’re educating people so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you.

There are advantages of a good content strategy:

Regular, useful content that engages your targeted audience, this helps keep customers interested in you. Social signals from regular sharing and engagement. A great way to spread the word. Google loves new content. Keeping your website fresh are signs that your site is alive and organically growing. Your expertise and knowledge through your body of work can place you as the go to person in your industry. We all know Google loves content and we have all heard the saying content is king. In 2014 this will be amplified and having a content marketing strategy will be crucial for your Google ranking. Google will be looking at companies that have a robust content marketing strategy as a sign that they’re the kind of business Google wants to support. They’re starting to focus on the user experience.

Content marketing – everyone is doing it, and if they aren’t doing it, they are probably thinking about doing it.

In fact, 96 per cent of Australian B2B marketers are using content, according to a survey by the US-based Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing in Australia 2013. The good news is, as a small business owner, you can still content market without a team of marketers. But let’s go through the basics first.

What is content marketing exactly?

In a nutshell, it’s the creation and sharing of useful content with the end goal of gaining customers or getting existing customers to take an action like make a purchase. Examples of content include newsletters, podcasts, how-to guides, instruction videos, top ten lists, briefings, infographics, reviews and so on. Whatever form it takes, content must be sent to customers or potential customers free of charge and without obligation, and it must contain some value for them. The confusing thing is that your content doesn’t have to be about your products and shouldn’t be a ‘sell, sell, sell’. Instead it can show your expertise in a particular area by giving useful tips and how to’s or be about the lifestyle aspects of what you sell. Red Bull’s extreme sports site is a great example of this. They rarely talk about their sports drink and instead focus on content. Remember though, however it’s done, content is a slow burn, not a quick sale. The goal is to build trust, loyalty and an ongoing relationship with customers.

Is content marketing new?

Content marketing has been around since US-tractor manufacturers John Deere launched a magazine for its customers called The Furrow in 1895. And we’ve all received content marketing material through the door. Foxtel, Qantas, Coles and Fitness First all run successful magazines that market their brands through content. The move to online business has opened up new tools which mean you can easily distribute and publish content without having to pay a third party – that is, a publisher – to do it for you. Being able to publish content has added benefits too. It can help drive search results because having content bumps your website further up in search engine results. And it can increase links back to your site and let Google – and therefore customers – find you more easily.





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